Create a convenient place for your employees to pick up their Rx.

LocalBox and Local OTC are the most convenient ways to get your employee prescriptions and other wellness items without the hassle.


How It Works

1. Prescription Assigned

Rx Assigned

2. Prescription Stocked

Rx Stocked

3. Prescription Pick Up

Rx Pick Up

Employee Benefits

  • Prescriptions picked up when it is convenient for you, no stopping after work
  • Same insurance plan, same medications, no additional costs, just more convenience
  • Prescriptions are delivered to you
  • Two-way video consultations available for questions about your medications
  • Pick-up for your spouse, children, and even parents
  • All medications are synchronized to improve adherence
  • Easy-to-use AdherePac pouches make it easy to administer
  • Add supplements for a healthier you

Employer Benefits

  • Improve employee productivity — 100 employees each refilling one prescription a month during work hours can save up to 200 hours of labor per year
  • Better medication adherence for chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or chronic allergies, can mean less employee sick time
  • Fewer medical claims equal lower insurance premiums for your company, improving your profits
  • Direct delivery lowers employee offset runs to the pharmacy before/during/after work
  • Great benefit for employees with second and third shift, or flexible hours
  • Convenience — optional non-prescription items can be added such as headache medicine, eye drops, ice packs, and more
iLocalBox Vending and Kiosk Locker

Pharmacy Pick Up Solutions

Increase employee satisfaction and improve the bottom line.

Here’s what your pharmacy partner is doing for you:

  • Health and wellness events
  • On-site flu shot vaccinations
  • Consultations via two-way video
  • Scheduled deliveries

Our Inventory & Product Management Solutions

Kiosk Models with Endless Locker Combinations

iLocalBox Vending and Kiosk Locker


A combination of lockers in variable sizes.

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