iLocalBox Vending and Kiosk Locker

Are your employee's taking their prescriptions to 3rd party pharmacies?

Most hospitals and networks are losing out on thousands of dollars every month when employee's do not take advantage of their own pharmacy services. Let's change that!

LocalBox for employee prescription delivery is the fastest and most convenient way for your employee's to pick up. Keeping them in network saves time, cost, and increases your pharmacy profit.

Create a convenient place for your patients to pick up their Rx.

LocalBox is the platform to enable you to capture outpatients Rx by offering a convenient method for pick up.

Free up your pharmacy to service the patients.

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How It Works

1. Prescription Assigned

Rx Assigned

2. Prescription Stocked

Rx Stocked

3. Prescription Pick Up

Rx Pick Up

Convenient For Patients & Employees

  • Avoid lines and limited hours
  • Online tracking
  • Automated patient notification system via e-mail or text message
  • Patient retrieval via pick up code or smart phone app
  • Touch Screen enabled interface
  • On site convenient payment methods
  • Barcode, Credit Card, RFID enabled readers
  • Biometric identification

Convenient For Hospitals

  • Webcam with telephone for one-on-one consultations
  • Remote pharmacy monitoring of pick ups and full or empty slots
  • Pharmacy system integration options
  • Fully expandable, multi-column design with variable size lockers
  • Data is encrypted to protect patient information
  • Can also sell OTC medications
  • Display can generate ad revenue
  • Detailed reports on all activities and inventory
  • Manages Return to Stock

Our Inventory & Product Management Solutions

Kiosk Models with Endless Locker Combinations

iLocalBox Vending and Kiosk Locker


A combination of lockers in variable sizes.

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